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On January 13, 2013 the Americans with Disabilities Act, otherwise known as the ADA became law. This means that all Public Entities and Public Accommodations and Commercial Entities including swimming and wading pools and spas become compliant. These regulations cover both private and public facilities including swimming pools, wading pools and spas in campgrounds, hotels, motels, country clubs, water parks, recreational sports clubs, universities, high schools and middle schools, health care facilities and universities. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, may also apply to homeowner, townhome, condominium, and apartment associations if the pool or spa is open to the general public.

The guidelines of the ADA specify that certain design elements of a new or renovated swimming pool or spa must be accessible to people with disabilities. The guidelines are minimal although the ADA encourages individuals to exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines wherever possible in order to increase the opportunities for people with disabilities.

The guidelines include two accessible entries to the pool if it is over 300 linear feet. Primary means include a pool lift that can be operated by the person who has the disability, or a sloped entry. Other entries include a transfer system, transfer wall, or pool stairs. Pools that are less than 300 linear feet must provide people with disabilities with at least one point of entry with either a sloped entry or pool lift. Leisure Rivers, sand bottom pools, wave action pools and other swimming pools that have only one access area must provide people with disabilities at least one accessible entry using a transfer system, sloped entry, or pool lift.

In order to be compliant with the ADA, spa owners have to provide at least one means of entry that is accessible. This includes a transfer system, pool lift or transfer wall. Although footrests are not required on the pool lift, they are encouraged, especially for larger spas. Cluster spas must also be compliant with at least one accessible spa.

A & A Pools understands the importance of the American with Disabilities Act and can help you get your public pool, spa, Leisure River, sand bottom pool, wading pool, or wave action pool compliant with pool lifts and or transfer systems.

The ADA law means that everyone can get into the pool or spa safely. Call today and get your pool or spa up to code. As of January 13, 2013, it’s the law.

Open Early and Save!!!

A&A is now offering great prices on pool openings and bulk chemical purchases.  Call for your Free Estimate today.  We take the hassle out of opening your pool.  Got Leaves, Algae, or damage?  We can Help… Within days you and your family can be enjoying the pool.  We also offer chemical delivery, for no extra charge we will deliver your chemicals as well as Test and Balance the pool’s chemistry.  At A&A we take pride in your pool and work diligently to meet all our customers needs, large or small.

What’s New in the Industry

Hayward has always been an innovator in the industry.  They have just come out with a new salt system which is easy to install and much more affordable than other salt systems.  Hayward is trying to make salt system affordable for residential pools.  Here is a look at the new system, click link below.

Sun Trip

We spent the last two days in Albany Kentucky at the Sun Pools manufacturing facility.  Very educational experience for our entire staff.  We learned the best way to place a shell pool in a tornado.  I’d say if we can handle that the next one should be a breeze.  Dodged wind, hail, and rain to make it home just in time for the local storm.  What a trip….

ADA Pool Compliance

A&A Pools is proud to announce that we are fully prepared to meet the new ADA guidelines head on. The American Disabilities Act is making waves in the pool industry with the new lift requirements. We have been working diligently to inform businesses in our area of the new ADA requirements. The main issue is pool access for people with disabilities, either in a ramp or lift form. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the requirements, we have worked hard to understand the law and help business have an easy transition. The compliance date is March 15, 2012 and time to comply is running out.

Better Business Bureau

A&A POOLS is glad to announce another complaint free year. We take pride in being associated with the BBB and strive to be the best pool company in East Tennessee.

Team Player Gains Certifications

Colin Jennings has received four new certifications from Hayward. Colin is now certified in the Pro-Logic system offered by Hayward. The Pro-Logic gives the home owner the freedom to enjoy his or her pool without the headaches of maintaining it manually. The fully automated system can control the pump filter configurations, pool lighting, chemical monitoring and displacement, as well as pool heaters such as the Universal H-Series Heater and the IDL2 Gas Heater. Colin is also certified to work on and install the Universal H-series Heaters as well as the IDL2 Gas Heaters, both offered by Hayward Pool Products. Colin’s final certification is in the Stratum VRS offered by Hayward. This is one of the most important because it is a safety tool to ensure that the pump shuts off due to any blockage of the main drain. The Stratum can save your system from failing and more importantly it save lives. The automatic shut off will kick in if anyone, children especially, were to get trapped or sucked to the main drain at the bottom of the pool. We at A & A Pools want to make sure all our customers are safe and satisfied with our services, this is why we spare no expense to become certified in the installation and maintenance of all of the products we offer.

A & A Pools

A & A pools is pleased to announce that our entire staff has successfully completed and is now certified as A.D.A. compliant as outlined in the Federal Governments new Americans with Disabilities Act. All new criteria for complying with the new federal standards must be in place no later than March 15, 2012.Click here to view the new codes